Seasons at the Riter Mansion

Seasons at the Riter Mansion

Seasons at the Riter Mansion
For all the Seasons of Your Life


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History of Seasons at the Riter Mansion
Seasons Mansion Illustration
Seasons at the Riter Mansion (formerly known as the Logan House Inn) is Cache Valley's finest Luxury Inn and Reception Center. The stately Greek Revival/ Georgian Manor home with its beautiful columned porch was built at the turn-of-the-century by a prominent pharmacist named Benjamin Franklin Riter.

Sources state that the Riter Mansion was one of three "designated" mansions for the area. The designation was given only to the large homes that could boast a formal ballroom. The estate was often used as a social gathering point and a center for music and entertainment. One gentleman familiar with the home in his youth remembered counting seven pianos in the mansion and playing marbles on the ballroom floor.

For a period of time during World War II, the house belonged to a professor of landscape architecture at Utah State University. Much of his landscaping remains to this day -- including fragrant lilac bushes, magnificent evergreens, and Norwegian Maple trees that sparkle with dew in the quiet mornings.

The Riter Mansion has been beautifully restored to its earlier grand state while still incorporating elegant enhancements such as whirlpool baths in every room. Many of its historical features have been carefully preserved or restored, such as the leaded stained-glass window over the grand staircase, reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts and Art Deco movements. One of the many "treasures" that were found during renovation was a box of valuables carefully hidden in the walls of the attic that belonged to a little boy who grew up in the house many years ago. Among the mementos found were his baseball and a "Magic" magazine dated 1923. Other documents and papers were found dated to the early 1920s.

Many high profile personalities and performers have stayed at the Inn including well-known movie and television actors, Pulitzer Prize winning authors, and national and state political leaders. The history of the Riter Mansion continues to grow each day as people from all over the world visit us and share stories of their families and homes -- and make new friends in the process.

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